Rakul “RANDI” Preet Singh | Bollywood Sluts Erotic Stories

Celebrity Rakul Preet Singh Erotic Naughty Stories ”What a wonderful wife you’ll make someone.” Rakul’s cousin Roma tossed the now empty banana skin into the kitchen bin. “Well if you can’t help a cousin when injured, when can you help them?” Rakul replied. Roma had hurt her right ankle in a fall recently and Rakul had just […]

Sexy and Hot Awkward Moments after you are drunk

Awkward Moments after you are drunk Hot and Sexy Girls Fails | Funny Sexy Girls Hot Sexy fails drunk girls and stupid funny falls compilation Sexy Drunk Party Girls Bang Bang You Hit The Ground Sexy Drunk Party Girls Fails Sexy Fails Sexy and Funny Cheerleaders Fails Compilation Epic Sexy Girl Fails

Me And My Choir Teacher

Erotic student teacher Stories True Stories Of student teacher One day after school, I walk into my choir teacher’s office. “Hey, Ms. Gardner, is there anything I can do to help?” She gives me the “hold on” finger while she finishes up an email to the principal. She faces me, “Not really, Jordan, but you […]

Jonas And Mistress Eve – Chapter Two – Releasing The Old

Releasing The Old Continued from chapter one – A Cuckolds Tale Jonas went directly home from Mistress Eve’s gothic style home silently after being picked up by an Uber ride. The drive home took about 30 minutes and he thought long and hard on each of them as to what had just occurred. The ramifications […]

Jonas & Mistress Eve – A Cuckolds Tale | CHAPTER ONE

CHAPTER ONE – Meeting Eve My name is Jonas! I was in a cuckolding relationship and want to share my story with you. It began almost ten years ago when I was in my early thirties. Having a successful career in banking and a fiancee whom I intended to marry, everything seemed to be going […]

Tantric Sex In The Woods Of Singapore

Tantric Sex in Singapore I was about to burn out when I booked my holiday to Singapore. My job as a sales consultant was very stressful and my boss suggested a holiday with meditation in an Oriental Country. She gave me the contact details for a monastery in Singapore and also advised me to visit […]

Sex In A Singapore Outdoor Place

Sex In A Singapore Public Place We’re having coffee at Nylon Coffee Roasters on Everton Park in Singapore. I’m having black coffee, he’s having a cappuccino. He is handsome. Brown hair slicked back, glasses that fit his face, hazel eyes and the most beautiful lips I’ve seen. He is well built, with incredible arms and […]

College Girl Poonam Getting Sex Life Recharged By Akshay

Poonam Getting Sex Life Hi I m Poonam from Mumbai. I came to Mumbai after my marriage with Anupam 3 years ago. My parents Place is at Indore where I stayed for 24 years of my life & enjoyed a lot during School and college days. After my graduation my parent found my match in […]

Hansika Needs to Face the Consequences of Her Acts – CHAPTER 3

After getting scolded badly from Hansika, Shakthi decides that he should leave this village and head to Chennai in order to get better chance in getting good case and make some money. So he left his village and gone to Chennai without informing Hansika. Hansika came to visit shakthi the next day, only to learn […]

Shakthi’s Stupidity affects Hansika – CHAPTER 2

Meanwhile, in Pollachi (a village) Shakthi practices as a Lawyer. His Fiance (and cousin) Hansika is a teacher in nearby School. Both of them are in love for few years. Their wedding is withholding because Shakthi needs to be more successful in his carreer. Years after years, Hansika is becoming impatient with Shakthi. She has […]